Stand-Out Covid-19 Digital Campaigns

Every business has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic differently. Yet, common themes have emerged and there are some things we can now all be sure of - the market has changed, the people have changed, and business has changed. All brands and companies have had to adapt to a ‘new normal’ and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.
The pandemic has increased the need for new ideas and trends, and with covid causing worldwide apprehension, many companies have been eager to show customers how their company are still able to provide them with their favourite products and services despite these uncertain times.
Our Digital Team here at MBA have uncovered just a few examples of brands who created stand out campaigns to tackle the pandemic head on. Whether this be done through recognition, humour or solution – they all aim to reassure their customers that their priorities remain front and centre.
Burger King | Restaurant of Tomorrow

The current reality of coronavirus clearly held a strong influence over Burger King’s release of their ‘restaurant of tomorrow’. The main concerns of fast-food customers are, of course, hygiene-related. They want to make sure the place they eat is clean, the food-makers are not sick, and they do not have direct contact with the cashier or waiters.
Burger King’s restaurant idea seems to be answering a combination of expected and pandemic related concerns with digital ordering, collection and drive-thru options featuring in the recently revealed plans, which could shape the Burger King outlets and customer experience for decades to come.
Burger King’s design stands out as a clever solution, working around many of the issues faced by their sector, saving money on expensive new safety features, decreases in staffing levels, and prevents employees from having to enforce mask policies.
On their YouTube channel, they have shared two videos of how this restaurant will look. A few years ago, we might have seen this kind of restaurant in science-fiction movies, so this concept gives the feeling of a restaurant from the future. Here is the first release:
Weetabix | Have you had your Weetabix?

Weetabix is famed for giving people the Weetabix advantage at breakfast time - a boost in performance to set you up for whatever lies ahead, be it big or small. So much so, that the brand slogan ‘Have you had your Weetabix?’ has become part of British popular culture, and is typically used in reference to politicians, public figures and sports people when they've achieved something great or are up against a tough challenge. 
So, after the year we've just had, Weetabix isn't calling on just one person to have their Weetabix. They are asking the year 2021 to make sure it has its Weetabix and to use that Weetabix boost to bring better things to the whole country over the next 12 months. This very witty digital campaign definitely put a smile on our faces. 

And of course Weetabix haven’t stopped there, with the latest marketing stunt that has got everyone talking. A truly hilarious Twitter thread has sprung up and gone viral, with brands from KFC to the NHS offering up their opinion on the unlikely combination of Weetabix and baked beans. It's a true lesson in how to use your brand voice to engage and entertain, and we've certainly never seen so many brands get involved quite like this before. 

Budweiser | Reunited With Buds

It's been a difficult past few months for pubs, bars and restaurants. Now that many, especially in The States are starting to reopen, Budweiser’s response to covid-19 ad ‘Reunited With Buds’, gives viewers a taste of what the excitement could feel like when we can rediscover our social freedoms.

Paired with the spirited soundtrack of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” this campaign pays homage to earlier commercials, with leading roles from previously featured brand characters - Clydesdale horses and an adorable Labrador retriever puppy, each travelling from afar to meet up — presumably after spending some time social distancing.
Social media reviews have called the commercial ‘touching’ whilst acknowledging their longing and readiness to get back to being able to socialise with their friends. But Budweiser are taking their social responsibility seriously, recognising their audiences’ desires ‘We can’t wait to see our buds’ yet reinforcing government messages ‘But when we do, let’s do it safely’.
This isn’t the first time Budweiser have spoken powerfully after major events, they also were front in line to pay their 9/11 tribute and their latest campaign is a good example of them continuing to stay true to their brand and to their American roots. Check out their video here:
Apple | The whole working-from-home thing

In 2019 Apple introduced an award-winning ad called, ‘The Underdogs’. The 3-minute sitcom style advert chronicled the adventures of a collection of co-workers, looking to impress their demanding boss by creating an innovative pizza box design for an important client presentation. The pandemic and its impact on business led to Apple resurrecting this hero squad with a pertinent sequel.
The same cast is back, but view time has doubled to almost 7 minutes and everybody is in lockdown. Apple manages to humorously capture all the frustrations, responsibilities and blunders that come with working from home, whilst clearly articulating how their devices and software are the products to choose for combatting these new everyday stresses.
Apple successfully deliver a relatable and believable advert for its solution services. It does not shy away from the difficulties of the time and its sincerity is endearing, engaging and of course amusing. Check out their video here:
Cathay Pacific Airlines/Cargo | Cargo to the rescue

When people think of cargo, I’m sure nothing exciting comes to mind. Cathay Pacific Airlines have bucked the trend and released a cool, dynamic and highly engaging video that successfully managed to glamorise cargo shipping and enhance their brand and image. Cathay Pacific Airlines provide a refreshing approach to their industry and launched their video with a positive, empowered take on the covid crisis. Check out their video on LinkedIn:
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