We Love Marketing!

The day of love is fast approaching, and in keeping with the spirit of this we thought we would jot down some of the reasons why we just can’t get enough of marketing!
Ok, so admittedly our business is built on and fundamentally depends on the topic, so we should love it…but its definitely more than that! Our passion for marketing is born out of the meeting of both technical and creative minds to help our customers engineer intelligent, timely and ultimately memorable messages.
Its an ever-changing entity
The marketing landscape is never boring, for us and our customers its constant advancements always keep us on our toes. The past few years has bought us endless market transformation from new channels, to automation all the way through to new legislation and its not set to change as technology advances and consumers expectations continue to evolve. It forces us to be innovators and problem solvers and we simply cannot wait to be at the forefront of change and grasp each new opportunity as it arises.

It tells a story
Storytelling is the oldest and most powerful way to engage, excite and educate people. In Marketing it is fundamental in painting the picture of your brand and drawing in engagement from your ideal audience. Establishing good narrative around your product, service or business is essential, but its more than the how, where what or when - it sets the scene and gets across the why!
So who do you play in your brand story? The hero? The guardian? Or perhaps both? Marketing and the professionals within it build stories which move audiences into taking inspired action.
Its creative
We don’t just mean the crucial aspect of design that brings our ideas to life. There are very few professions where creativity is really valued and needed in each and every step of the process. From developing results driven strategies to cultivating engaging and dynamic customer journeys, along with all the tangible elements such as content creation and exploration of the creative avenues and outputs available. Whatever division of marketing you belong to, it brings out the inner artist in all of us!
It builds relationships
Relationships are built on emotion, and marketing is the perfect platform for making these connections using sensory-rich copy and captivating content. We are also extremely social beings, in every sense of the word and constantly looking for ways to connect both in the physical world and the digital world. We love nothing more than helping our clients to use these tools and techniques to forge new and build on existing relationships with their consumers.
Its impactful
Not only does effective marketing directly impact the fortune of a company or product, it also has a huge bearing on the lives of consumers – acquainting them with products and services that they desire or will make their lives easier. Breathing life into brands and products and making them simply irresistible. Channel selection also contributes to how impactful a message is, selecting the right channels at the right time will make sure your communication lands on the laps (or laptops) at a point when your consumer is ready to buy.
Everyone knows of a campaign (or maybe a few) they have come across at some point in their career, which really stuck out and inspired us - whether it was clever use of how your personal data was interpreted, used language persuasive enough to change your opinion or convince you to buy, or was so beautifully crafted you was left in awe of the quality and attention given to you. The impact of marketing and the emotional triggers it creates is not to be underestimated.
Its diverse
From platforms to techniques, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Today with so many channels to choose from - mobile apps, online ads, blog posts, email, social media platforms, mail, just to name a few – your audience will always see your messaging in a new light. Marketing’s diversity also offers up constant opportunities to learn new and exciting ways to enhance or deploy your communications, all the while testing your every strategic decision with an abundant choice of tactics and analysis tools on offer.  
Marketing is powerful. You can design visually appealing content, craft messages that resonate with viewers, apply numbers to actions, and form connections with your audience and your internal teams. What’s not to love about that?
If you love marketing as much as we do, get in touch today on 0208 376 4300 or email us at contact@mba-group.com to see how we can help make your messages memorable.