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Date Added
Streamline Office Correspondence with a Hybrid Mail Solution

Date Added 19/01/2016

Background:   Our client, a planning department of a London council is responsible for carrying out property development across the borough.   To successfully carry out all of their development plans and procedures, the planning department must deal with large amounts of hard copy communications throughout the year, from managing operations and supply chains to keeping local residents...

Date Added
Improving customer communications and business efficiencies through content management

Date Added 27/02/2015

Background Our client, an international financial and business services company, provides professional analysis and high quality support in the areas of financial education, credit reporting and debt recovery. As a major part of their business, they engage in the purchasing, management and collection of defaulted consumer receivables. As a major player in the capital market, they manage and handle mass volumes of highly...

Date Added
Vastly improving customer service through professional e-Billing solutions

Date Added 21/03/2014

Background Our client, a major water company in England for over two decades, manages and supplies safe drinking water to over 4.3 million customers in its region. As a company, they play a leading and pivotal role in protecting the biodiversity of water sources, with a special responsibility to both the health of people and the environment. As a business they are committed to delivering a high quality water service to...

Date Added
Adding clarity and value through document reformatting

Date Added 16/01/2014

Background Our client, a major water company in England for over two decades, manages and supplies safe drinking water to over 4.3 million customers in its region. Our client places special emphasis on their customers. They recognise that their services are at the heart of every single family, business and community in the region, and are committed to...

Date Added
Integrating mail and email leads to improved speed to market and higher response rates

Date Added 10/01/2013

Background Our client, a leading animal welfare organisation, operates the UK's largest Lost & Found database of micro-chipped pets. Animal welfare is at the heart of everything they do and they are committed to the wellbeing of all pets, owners and welfare partners (i.e. veterinarians and animal rescue centres) by providing the most cost-effective pet registration and re-homing service in the...

Date Added
Implementing content management to streamline the creation of partner documents

Date Added 30/04/2012

Background Our client, a leading pensions provider in the UK has worked with MBA on many large projects since 2007. Some of these projects have included the complete redesign and rebuild of their Annual Pension Statements into high quality, full colour digital documents. In February 2012, we were engaged by the client to implement a completely new document set that supported the introduction of their Auto-Enrolment...

Date Added
Continuously improving customer communications with high quality, personalised and variable statements

Date Added 25/11/2011

The Business Problem As a leading provider of insurance, savings and investment management products in the UK with over 7 million customers, our client wanted to radically redesign their members' bond statements. At the time, their statements consisted of simple black and white loose-leaf sheets that had to be manually inserted into a three-ring binders. Not only did this often result in lost sheets and customer...

Date Added
Improving customer acquisition with targeted and highly personalised direct mail

Date Added 26/04/2010

The Business Problem Our client, a major financial institution, wanted to vastly improve their card acquisition rates but importantly, acquire new customers that would generate a greater lifetime value (LTV). They didn't want to simply generate more card applications - they wanted to acquire new customers that were more likely to pass initial credit checks and convert them into longstanding customers. By achieving...