MailSmart is a hybrid mail solution that streamlines the process of printing and posting all of your office mail. By implementing MailSmart into your organisation, your people will become more productive and your business will achieve significant savings versus current output costs.

Have you ever considered the cost and time it takes to post a single letter? Each individual process could be costing your business anywhere between 90p to £1.52*

Postage costs keep on rising and consumables such as ink, paper and envelopes are forever costing more too. There is also the time and resource associated with assembling and posting each and every letter sent from your business, as well as overheads such as the purchase or lease of office printers, their maintenance and energy consumption, as well as the expense and inconvenience of standard company franking machines.

The whole process is a time consuming and costly exercise, but MailSmart will enable you to save up to 50% on your current output costs, streamline business operations and reduce your dependency on in-house printing and mailing infrastructures.

With MailSmart, your staff members no longer need to spend time manning office printers, assembling letters and packing envelopes. MailSmart allows them to create their documents as usual and select MailSmart as their printer option.

That's it. Following your approval, all of your business' letters are collated within the MailSmart system from across your network and transferred to MBA Group's state-of-the-art production facility via Secure FTP (SFTP). All of your letters are printed to the highest standard and mailed out via our dedicated postal provider for prioritised 2-3 day delivery with tracking and reporting capabilities.

*Estimated industry costs based on postage, paper, envelopes, consumables and managed time

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