For us, data is the key element in any type of customer communication and our ongoing objective is to support you with a variety of data services so that only valid data is used in the most efficient way. This is fundamental towards allowing you to achieve the goals that your communications set out to achieve.

At MBA, we will provide you with almost absolute flexibility in data formats for both input and output files. This enables us to integrate with your existing systems and always provide data, reports and other outputs in your required formats.

Our data services are always based on security. From data validation to full end-to-end reconciliation, we will help you to ensure that only relevant and correct data is processed so to avoid unnecessary failures during the processing of data into automated workflows.

The underlying feature of our Data Processing (DP) is transparency, which is supported by a comprehensive and fully customisable reporting based on an ADF database. This combined with excellent processing speeds is fundamental to getting your multichannel campaigns delivered on time and crucially, at the right time for your customers.

As part of our DP services we can also provide you with detailed Data Health Checks that comprise of a variety of data validation and verification reports, data cleansing and compression, data insight and affixation services.

Another key differentiator of our data services is our specialist software and expertise in Reverse Raw Data Capture (RRDC). This process enables you to capture data from raw print ready images, which we can then perform image conversion and data manipulations on during the document composition stage based on what was originally 'unavailable' data.

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Source: Offline in an online world: making mailwork, The DMA, 2015