Our expert front-end and back-end developers can provide you with a range of digital and electronic services that are designed with one thing in mind – to enhance the online experiences for both your business users and customers alike.

Linked to our central workflow system and by utilising its core functionalities of streamlined data processing, reconciliation, document composition and reporting; we can develop inter-site web service connectivity as a primary tool towards the road map of self-service. This will give you complete control of your multichannel communications and integrated campaigns.

In support of this fundamental objective, we have developed a suite of Smart Solutions that are designed to provide you with a variety of real-world business advantages. These can all be installed independently, integrated together or implemented as extensions of your current business systems. Each solution is fully customisable and our team of developers can work with you to tailor them to your exact needs and requirements.

Our teams of developers are also experts in multimedia marketing and web development, and can provide you with a range of digital communication services that include:

  • Email design and email marketing
  • eCRM communication programmes
  • Cross-media communication programmes
  • SMS/MMS optimisation and broadcasting services
  • Automated multichannel workflow development
  • Online marketing and web development (incl. microsites, PURLs and online data capture)

Nearly every marketer (98%) would welcome better content personalisation and 68% think image personalisation would be an enhancement.

Source: Mail Matters, The DMA, 2015