As part of our multichannel offering, we can provide you with professional returns and response management services. We see these services as integral components towards closing the communications loop and providing you with a fully integrated service that you can have 100% confidence in.

As your partner of choice, we will ensure that your returns and response management is conducted with the upmost integrity and professionalism. At MBA, we operate and maintain secure sites with secure data environments to reassure you that your communications are always in the best hands.

Returns Management

Our returns management service is designed to simplify your working life by providing you with:

  • A fully accredited service that your business can have confidence in, including secure waste disposal and recycling options to improve your green credentials.
  • Systematic reports for gone-away suppression including the reason for return. This will enable you to understand your recipients better, keep your databases constantly up-to-date and improve the efficiency of future campaigns.

Response Management

Our response management service expands our returns management offering with:

  • A dedicated response-handling team for both ongoing programmes of communication and ad-hoc campaigns. Our response management system is set-up with straightforward operational procedures and dedicated account management for streamlined campaign reporting.
  • Systematic reporting for all data capture devices, both physical and electronic. Data from all sources and document types is classified and verified, and can even be fed directly into your internal systems and relevant departments with professional API development.

Our response-handling team is located within our 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Warrington where we also offer Pick & Pack services. This add-on service can then extend our response management offering by enabling you to conduct instant follow-up activity in accordance with campaign responses. This can include, but not limited to the fulfilment of brochure requests and promotional items.

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Source: Mail Matters, The DMA, 2015