e-Bay monitors brain activity to enhance customer experience

Online C2C giant eBay partnered with Saatchi Art to create a large shopping event called ‘The Art of Shopping’. Here they combined visual art, an electroencephalography (EEG) headset and e-commerce to create a unique subconscious shopping experience.

An EEG headset monitors brain activity by placing electrodes along the scalp. Visitors viewed artwork while wearing their EEG headset, which monitored what visual details caught their eye. After the gallery tour, visitors received eBay product recommendations based on their artistic preferences.

eBay will integrate more personalised shopping leading up to Christmas in the UK, German and US markets. Their technology, eBay Interests, will showcase products based on a customer’s previous shopping behaviour, personal style and individual interests.

UK’s vice-president Rob Hattrell, said: “Shopping has always been intensely personal. It’s an expression of what makes you, you. This year, we want to put inspiration back into shopping and encourage people to find what they love.

We want to be there for consumers when inspiration strikes and offer a more personalised shopping experience. Through ‘The Art of Shopping’ we’re exploring this in a fun, engaging way, but the integration of Interests at the end of the year gives a glimpse into how we see the future of shopping on eBay.”

More and more retailers are catching on to the trend of personalisation and understand its importance in marketing. 80% of customers are more likely to shop with retailers that deliver a personalised experience (Accenture 2016) as we like to be told exactly what we need and where we can find it. Could EEG be part of the future of personalised marketing?

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