Extended certification for Multichannel Communication Solutions and an ISO 22301 Update

We are pleased to announce that MBA has extended the scope of its ISO certifications to now include all of our Smart Solutions (multichannel communication solutions). We are also pleased to announce that MBA has successfully passed Stage 1 of our ISO 22301 certification for Business Continuity Management.

Fully Certificated Multichannel Solutions

The audited scope of our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates have now been extended to include all of MBA’s Smart Solutions, which consist of DocumentSmart, ViewSmart, MailSmart, PostageSmart and VideoSmart.

Many of our clients will already understand that the scope of our ISO certification has always covered the service element (e.g. print production and archive and retrieval services) relating to these technology solutions, but as these solutions have grown over time, both in terms of their features and client base, the decision was made to incorporate them directly into our ISO audits.

As MBA Managing Director, Linda Bosch explains “MBA’s Smart Solutions were originally created as a range of added value solutions for our existing clients’ marketing and communication campaigns. Every project was virtually bespoke with each installation being highly customised for the client’s unique requirements. Therefore there was no set criteria for each solution to be audited against”.

“However, over the past year, each Smart Solution has been extensively productised into an “out of the box” or “plug-in and play” solution, and even its own business in the case of VideoSmart, and therefore we saw the benefit to our clients of having these products directly audited in the same way as any other MBA service”.

Essentially, this development demonstrates MBA’s passion for providing a level of accredited services and solutions that many of our competitors can’t match.

ISO 22301 Update

MBA began its journey on the path to becoming ISO 22301 certificated earlier this year and as part of our most recent ISO audits, we were delighted to receive approval by the auditor for Stage 1 of this process.

This first stage now sees MBA approved for many elements of Business Continuity Management, including its management of documentation and compliance with the business continuity system. In the 2nd stage later this year, MBA will undergo a physical review of detailed action plans and rehearsals to complete the certification.

Written by

Elaine Harris, Chief Compliance Officer

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