Kit Kat Hologram brings print and mobile to life

In Japanese, Kit Kat sounds like “kitto katsu”, which means “you are sure to succeed” or more literally translated as “surely win”. As such, the chocolate snack has long been considered a good luck charm in Japan and the brand has taken full advantage of this cultural connection with great success.

Kit Kat created its first award-winning Kit Mail campaign a few years ago after positioning the lucky sounding chocolate bar as both a ‘lucky charm’ and a ‘stress breaker’ for students who face enormous pressure during university entrance exams.

By positioning itself in this way, Kit Kat has become synonymous with fortune and success – bringing good luck to thousands of students every year.

Kit Kat has achieved vast success through a complete multimedia mix – TV and print ads wish students good luck, ambient media in subway stations near Tokyo University bringing luck to students on their way to the exam hall and interactive websites encourage brand engagement by providing students with an online space to express their wishes and good fortunes.

But Kit Kat’s major success has been achieved with Kit Mail – a specially designed pack filled with Kit Kat bars that family and friends can buy from post offices, personalise with hand written gestures of good will and post to students who are hidden away, studying hard indoors.

More recently, the brand has built upon the success of Kit Mail by launching Kit Mail Hologram.

The campaign has evolved Kit Mail further into the mobile digital age and is a great example of offline material driving online engagement, which subsequently drives offline sales. The campaign’s development is also a great example of how a brand has stayed true to its values and successful channels, but constantly innovated them to secure long-term relationships with consumers.

Kit Kat have continued to pack their bars inside special boxes that can be personalised, but this time the pack includes a flat-packed plastic pyramid. When placed onto a smartphone screen and scanning a QR code, the student can play a designated YouTube video of a well-known band called DISH in 3D!

Furthermore, Kit Kat worked collaboratively with the famous band to create a unique song and music video called “Believe in yourself! I know you can do this", which aimed to offer students a welcomed break from the long hours and some much needed company while revising.

Consumer demand for personalised product experiences enabled by their mobile devices is growing. Studies have shown that young people today are more likely to buy into a brand if it delivers interesting and engaging content via the channel of their choosing, whether this content is informative or just delivers that feel good factor.

The Kit Mail Hologram campaign utilises a variety of important marketing principles from personalised print through to interactive video engagement. Not only have the chocolate-covered wafers become a primary method of wishing people good luck, the product has now become synonymous with fortune and success, which it continues to strengthen through creativity and innovation.