MBA Group announces the launch of VideoSmart (2016)

Date Added 01/09/2016

MBA Group has taken another step in creating real interactive dialogue for client communications with the launch of its personalised and interactive video business, VideoSmart

The use of video in marketing and advertising has become increasingly popular over the last 15 years with many companies and brands having embraced this engaging medium to connect with target audiences and promote their products and services.

But now things are about to get really interesting...

We can now completely personalise your marketing videos with texts, images, audio, animated graphics and many other different types of variable content driven from multiple data sources. In fact, if you can dream it, we can make it happen.

What was once a ‘one size fits all’ model for the masses is now being transformed into a true direct marketing channel that is unique to each individual customer, that provides complete tracking and reporting, and can even be automated as part of your multichannel communication strategies.

This new and distinctive channel will also provide businesses with huge potential in the areas of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and transactional communications. In an era where your customers’ improved understanding of billing and other statutory information is paramount, and where many organisations are already utilising service improvement measures to gain that competitive edge; personalised and dynamic videos will help to reinvigorate your communication techniques and differentiate your company from the competition.

As a customer, imagine if you received a video from your home insurance provider that addressed you as an individual person, reminded you that your insurance was up for renewal next month and provided an exclusive offer for you to stay with that insurance provider? This could significantly improve retention rates and LTV (Lifetime Value).

Now imagine that this same video also clarified all of the benefits of your current insurance package and provided you with a single click process to apply or buy online?  The possibilities are truly endless.

“personalised and interactive videos are a highly versatile medium that can be used for multiple use cases throughout the customer lifecycle” said VideoSmart's director, Sami. “For me, its greatest advantage is its ability to enhance any communication strategy within the customer lifecycle. Video is already proven to be a highly engaging channel for consumers and by personalising its content for each individual person, it will enable companies to communicate with each of their customers like never before.”    

MBA’s personalised and interactive video business, VideoSmart, provides a full end-to-end service, from a range of creative and production services through to technical implementation and multichannel deployment.

Personalised and interactive videos will bring your brand to life! It has been shown to dramatically increase email click-through rates in an age when the effectiveness of pure email marketing is challenging. As a complimentary channel, personalised and interactive videos can undoubtedly play a vital role towards the future success of your customer acquisition, on-boarding, up-selling, retention and loyalty campaigns.


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