MBA Group certified to ISO 22301 for its business continuity management systems

We are pleased to announce that MBA Group is now certified to the standard of ISO 22301:2012 in recognition of the organisation’s business continuity management systems at our sites in London and Warrington.

MBA began its journey on the path to becoming ISO 22301 certificated in 2016; successfully passing stage 1 of the process in August last year and successfully passing the final physical review stage last month (January 2017).

As a dual-site operation with managed production ceilings, balanced workloads and mirrored infrastructures, we are capable of providing our clients with full Disaster Recovery (DR) and robust Business Continuity (BC) programmes as an additional level of service.

ISO 22301:2012 specifies and regulates the many requirements of MBA to plan, maintain and continually improve upon our documented BC/DR management system. This reduces risk with plans for any possible disruptive incidents and set procedures to quickly respond to and recover from any such incident should they arise.

On top of this new certification, MBA continues to invest in new technology, infrastructure upgrades and staff training as part of a circa £5 million investment strategy. This activity is designed to ensure that there is always compatibility between our sites in London and Warrington, and to safeguard conformance at both company-wide and client specific levels.

MBA Sales Director, Kevin Stewart commented, “Keeping our company ahead of the curve in terms of technology and documented processes is viewed as a top priority for the business. Our latest accreditation increases our client offering and provides our clients with further assurances in terms of MBA's capabilities and level of service. All of our latest achievements continue to push the business in the right direction as a single source supplier.”

For more information about our latest ISO certificates, and MBA’s DR and BC services, please contact Kevin Stewart by phone +44 (0) 20 8376 4471.

Written by

Elaine Harris, Chief Compliance Officer

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