MBA Group provides industry insight for World Finance magazine

Managing Director Linda Bosch and Marketing Manager Jon Barratt talk to World Finance magazine about the state of the printing industry and the challenges it faces in an increasingly digitized world.

‘When the digital revolution first began making waves across the globe, the phrase “print is dead” swept through the industry like a death sentence.’

So reads the article in World Finance, but the outlook is far from bleak. Print still plays a vital role in the communications industry, and as World Finance states, ‘the printing industry plays a supporting role to every sector and market; all businesses, governmental and educational enterprises require printed materials.’

The internet has certainly been a game-changer in the communications industry, drastically transforming consumer expectations and the market itself.  It has provided businesses with countless ways to promote themselves, meaning traditional communication providers face considerable pressure to adapt or die.  As Managing Director Linda Bosch observes:

‘“Companies are being forced to look at digital channels which can offer low unit cost communications… More and more companies are realising the benefit of adapting multi-channel strategies, using a combination of traditional and digital print and e-delivery.”’

Far from the industry giving way to digital platforms, the momentum is with companies like MBA to broaden and adapt their communication channels, to embrace innovative and compelling ways of delivering our client’s traditional output requirements.

To remain at the forefront of the communications industry, MBA has constantly invested in its IT infrastructures, production facility and technology-led communication capabilities, to enable our clients to obtain the maximum value from their data and conduct innovative, bespoke and integrated communication plans. By embracing all the possibilities that data-driven and multi-channel communication can offer in terms of increased relevance, improved timing and right channel choice inline with consumer preference, MBA has become a one-stop shop for all of our clients needs, today and in the future.

As MBA’s Marketing Manager, Jon Barratt comments, ‘“Customers are a lot wiser nowadays, they are more aware of marketing techniques and increasingly expect their documents and communications to be unique to them as individuals.”’

The challenge for the industry is not inconsiderable, but the primary function of print has always been, and always will be, a valued form of communication.  Both print and digital platforms have their own merits and flaws but when used correctly, each one makes up ground where the other falls short.  As Managing Director, Linda Bosch states ‘“ is a never ending journey that requires continuous energy to embrace new technology and ensure that we keep in tune with our client’s needs and their customer’s wants.”

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of media pros use mail to drive consumers online

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