Stamp of Approval

Following a period of successful testing, Royal Mail’s ‘digital stamps’ are now set to take the marketplace by storm…

It’s quite rare to receive a stamped addressed envelope nowadays unless it’s your birthday or Christmas time, but when we do, our perception of the letter is undoubtedly improved and we are more likely to open it.

And now, businesses across all sectors can make their direct mail even more appealing to consumers by simply using a ‘digital stamp’ – a full colour and realistic looking postage stamp that is digitally (or litho) printed on the envelope.

It really is that simple and it’s just as easy to set-up. If you’re already a user of the Royal Mail Mailmark® service via PostageSmart, Royal Mail Retail, Whistl or Secured Mail, we can print your envelopes with one of the following PPI’s:

If you’re not already a user of the Royal Mail Mailmark® service, our expert PostageSmart team can assist you in getting set-up within just 5-10 working days and you can start to use the new ‘digital stamps’ as soon as Royal Mail receives notice of your migration to Mailmark®*.

For more information and to get your first digital stamp campaign up and running, please give us a call on 020 8376 4300.