Adding clarity and value through document reformatting


Our client, a major water company in England for over two decades, manages and supplies safe drinking water to over 4.3 million customers in its region.

Our client places special emphasis on their customers. They recognise that their services are at the heart of every single family, business and community in the region, and are committed to the longevity of water supplies for people and businesses alike while taking the lead on pressing environmental and economic challenges.

The Challenge

As part of our Added Value Proposal (AVP) activity across the contract, MBA Group took the opportunity to advise the client about how the mergence of their bill data and payment book data could be undertaken to produce a consolidated payment book-bill communication.

The proposal was put together with careful consideration of our client’s different customer bases and ongoing communication activity, as well as an in-depth understanding of both the front-end and backend processes involved. Essentially though, the proposal put forward ways in which our client could improve their customer communications through rationalised document formats, which would also reduce long-term costs through consolidated output.

The Solution

Following a short period of consultation and detailed discussions regarding the project outline, the main deliverables were decided upon as follows:

  • Complete a redesign of our client’s payment books, changing the format of the books so that slips are presented within an A5 full colour landscape booklet.

  • Develop a system that will a) primarily compose payment books for despatch to customers who pay their bill in instalments over the year and b) attempt to match the customer’s respective bill with the payment slip data whereby the payment booklet will then make up an integral component of the current billing statement.

  • Carry out workshops with the client’s billing and marketing teams to formulate and agree on the design and layout of the new style payment book-bills.

Key Results & Benefits

  • The solution we designed to merge data streams and consolidate production runs has considerably reduced our client’s mailing activity for the provision of payment books and billing forever.
  • The new initiative has significantly reduced annual costs associated with print, production, postage and stock management, as well as benefiting from added green credentials to their organisation.
  • The redesign of our client’s payment books into A5 booklets and the new design of their payment book-bills were both a huge success. Our client received high volumes of positive responses from customers about the new design and re-presentment of important content.

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