Continuously improving customer communications with high quality, personalised and variable statements

The Business Problem

As a leading provider of insurance, savings and investment management products in the UK with over 7 million customers, our client wanted to radically redesign their members' bond statements.

At the time, their statements consisted of simple black and white loose-leaf sheets that had to be manually inserted into a three-ring binders. Not only did this often result in lost sheets and customer confusion but it didn't reflect the value that their members expected from a multibillion-pound company.

Our client knew they wanted to enhance these statements but due to the scale of the required changes, they didn't know how to best to achieve the objective. For the answer to this business problem, they approached MBA Group...

The Solution

Working closely with the client, we mapped out a brand-new design and production process that would integrate mass data streams, integrity verification, full-colour personalisation and variable content.

With hefty variable design needs, we applied our advanced composition software and utilised our state-of-the-art digital presses to handle the vast array of variable elements and seamlessly create 12, 16 or 20 page versions of the statements according to the size of each individual member's portfolio requirements, in a single production run.

As the statements contained highly sensitive information unique to each individual customer, we ensured that documents were correctly matched for each member using a unique barcode that was added to the margin of each page. As the statements are assembled on MBA Group's Intelligent stitching lines, the barcodes are scanned for integrity verification and then trimmed off during finishing for a top-quality finish.

MBA Group also included a member survey to capture valuable feedback on the new design, which would help us to fine-tune our client's customer bond statements in the future.

Key Results & Benefits

Our client was extremely impressed with the redesigned documents and the results.

Calls to their customer service center dropped significantly and survey responses were hugely positive — generating responses that were 30 times higher than expected.

In addition, the process yielded Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) savings of £15,000.

The client was so pleased that they are now moving their entire pension statement and bonus statement mailings to the same platform as well as plan to adopt it for many other communication directives in the future.

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