Creative execution of insight driven email campaigns


MBA’s creative division was established in 2018 with the focus of refining clients’ direct communications. Our key competencies include audience profiling, customer journey mapping, creative campaigns, document design, digital comms and integrated design.
Every project starts with establishing a goal and identifying the challenges. The approach thereafter is to use actionable insights to overcome hurdles by informing the design and content, and utilising data to increase relevance through improved targeting, personalisation and variability. From inception, this approach has enabled the team to deliver for some of the UK’s largest organisations; helping businesses digitise; increase readability and understanding; improve engagement KPIs and drive ROI.
For us, great creativity is founded in the art of capturing and holding someone’s attention – changing the way they feel, the way they think and ultimately, what they do. To do this, we employ a team of strategic thinkers, natural problem solvers and design enthusiasts who utilise behavioural science, data and cultural trends to design creative campaigns that deliver results.

The Business Problem

Our client, a healthcare plan provider, wanted to develop a strategy to win-back former customers, and to cross-sell their products to existing customers. As completely new and untested campaigns, our client wanted to take a fresh approach to this marketing project and came to MBA for guidance, support and experience in delivering the design and deployment of a range of new email campaigns.

The Solution

Through the initial consultation with the client, our creative team quickly identified that these campaigns were mainly intended for previously unengaged audiences and there wasn’t a satisfactory online journey in place for product selection and sales conversion. Furthermore, the clients current email and DM campaigns were primarily led by monetary offer incentives that weren’t achieving the desired level of response, so there was also a need to revisit their creative marketing strategy.

MBA’s creative team completed a detailed customer experience (CX) journey mapping project to uncover the end customers’ exact needs and requirements, and devise campaign journeys and key messaging that works to individually address each audience group.

The CX journey mapping project provided the client with valuable insight into their unique customer groups and a clear roadmap for marketing engagement. The findings were presented in an inclusive and thorough document covering all of the following key

areas and would form the foundations for the subsequent campaign approach:

  • Competitor research
  • Customer research, data analysis & profiling
  • Environmental influences & value interactions
  • CX journey mapping & technical solution
  • Campaign benchmarking
  • Initial creative concepts
  • Future segmentation & behavioural targeting

By working closely with the client’s data analysis team, we were able to extract valuable statistics pertaining to each customer group’s unique set of behaviours, including:

  • Top product services/benefits claimed
  • Cover level selections
  • Claiming behaviour
  • Lifetime value
  • Top reasons for contract cancellations
  • Age, gender and other demographics

This insight enabled us to build a unique picture about each target customer group, which we used to develop key creative messages and designs that would most appeal. Combined with other research, we successfully managed to transform the client’s marketing from simple price and promotion selling tactics to a value and needs based selling approach.

Results and Key Benefits

The results across the board saw every campaign outperform benchmark targets set in-line with the performance of similar campaigns.

Emails received an average of 36% open rate with a 17% click through rate. This returned an average uplift of 232% from target and 454% uplift from benchmarked expectations. Sales conversions from product specific landing pages also returned 233% uplift from target with 5% leading to web conversions and a further 24% direct from a strategically placed email call button.

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