Digital transformation combats COVID mailroom challenges


Many of our clients have traditionally managed their inbound mail services in-house. As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, this method of mail processing has proven difficult to sustain and meet both business and consumer expectations.
Inbound mail management, even in a fully resourced environment, presents a significant physical and process heavy burden to any business, and with the lockdown and closure of many company’s mailrooms due to the outbreak of Covid-19, staff levels have considerably reduced, further draining the remaining resource available.

Business Problem:

One of our clients, a market leading debt collection agency in the UK, faced these same issues, which led to a number of challenges including the backlog of returned mail, delay in payment processing and a lack of goneaway capture leading to multiple unnecessary posting attempts. To add to this, call centre staff were being repurposed to open mail, diminishing skilled resource primarily responsible for dealing first-hand with customer enquiries and call response times were consequently affected, directly impacting service levels to their customers.

Our client reached out to us in search of support that would enable them to effectively manage and process both customer and business mail despite the company's disruption, and ensure their customers continue to receive business as usual service levels.

The Solution:

MBA Group were able to provide a fully outsourced digital mailroom service, within very short timescales. Immediately we set about redirecting all mail to our operations site. There we were able to open and sort mail received into three core categories for processing:

1. Customer and business mail (correspondence)
2. Payments (cheques, postal orders and cash)
3. Returned mail (goneaways)

Customer and business mail: MBA Group scan each customer and business mail pack. The envelope is also captured to ascertain the specific method of posting: signed for, recorded and special delivery. Each day's post would be transferred into an archived electronic library for ease of recall and reported mail content, date of receipt, any necessary commentary, customer id referencing and returned to our client for analysis and onward action.

Payments: On receipt, we separate cheques, postal orders and cash ready to be banked. All payments are stored in a locked safe at a secured MBA site. We manage the banking twice weekly and on the last day of the month. A digital file is generated containing date received, type of payment, customer reference, quick processing instruction, payment date and value of payment.

Returned Mail: All returned mail is directed to MBA Group, where each item is scanned using a printed 2D barcode. Data is collated, stored and presented back to our client for processing. Information captured includes unique IDs and address data for ease of match back and for the updating of source data files.

Results and Key Benefits:

As a direct result of our digital mailroom solution. Our client was able to recognise improvements in two key areas. Initially our client benefited from immediate commercial savings including:

  • Reduced staffing costs, as MBA stepped in to fulfil all mailroom duties
  • Better cash flow, due to the immediate capture of payments provided by post and regular banking
  • No remailing, following the accurate capture and suppression of goneaways

And further long-term benefits were being achieved through enhanced Customer Experience; our client became easier to contact, their call centre KPIs improved and payments were processed without delay and on receipt.

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