Implementing content management to streamline the creation of partner documents


Our client, a leading pensions provider in the UK has worked with MBA on many large projects since 2007. Some of these projects have included the complete redesign and rebuild of their Annual Pension Statements into high quality, full colour digital documents.

In February 2012, we were engaged by the client to implement a completely new document set that supported the introduction of their Auto-Enrolment Pension service.

The Business Challenge

Our client wanted to easily create dual-branded enrolment documents on behalf of their corporate partners, which would include the dynamic placement of partner logos to documents as well as adding unique partner content including partner specific contact details, URLs, copy and imagery.

However, doing this via traditional change control processes would add unwanted complexity, cost and time inefficiencies, as well as hinder the take-up by their partners.

The Solution

MBA developed a bespoke web-based solution that allowed our client to:

  • Upload logo image files and other unique content to a secure system (hosted by MBA)
  • Easily manage and approve logo and content usage online ready for live production
  • View softcopy proofs of their variably branded documents within the online system
  • Request hardcopy proofs of these documents directly through the online system

The system is permanently linked to a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system, allowing approved logos and other forms of content to be dynamically called into documents as they are generated for production.

Depending on each campaign's volume, documents are then printed using either our digital cut-sheet or digital continuous presses to achieve the most cost-effective production. Both these types of presses provide high-speed and top quality full-colour output to ensure that new pension scheme members receive timely notification letters that reflect both our client's and their partners' brand expectations.

Key Results & Benefits

The solution has been a huge success. It has provided our client with a system that:

  • Enables them to provide a value-added service to their corporate partners and one which successfully differentiates them from their competitors
  • Reduces their implementation time and associated costs incurred with the set-up of new schemes by removing the need for a full change control cycle
  • Automatically handles large volumes of content, whilst providing version controls and maintaining a complete audit trail for proofing and approval
  • Leverages across multiple applications to enrich the content of other documents without changes to data and infrastructure

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