Improving customer communications and business efficiencies through content management


Our client, an international financial and business services company, provides professional analysis and high quality support in the areas of financial education, credit reporting and debt recovery. As a major part of their business, they engage in the purchasing, management and collection of defaulted consumer receivables.

As a major player in the capital market, they manage and handle mass volumes of highly sensitive data on behalf of their clients and customers. Therefore building trusted and auditable relationships is a primary purpose for their company.

The Business Problem

Our client's existing data management system was highly inefficient and challenging to use, which made their management of day-to-day workloads and client/customer communication an increasingly time consuming and arduous task. The painful proofing and approval processes and the slow turnaround of critical document changes took valuable time away from important strategic decision making and analytical activities.

As updates to information occur frequently, the lack of direct access to their current content management and document composition tool meant that system support costs were highly expensive and incurred increasing additional cost for their clients. As our client is required by industry regulation to retain important information, the lack of control and illogical access to it played a critical part of the executive decision for change.

The Solution

MBA approached the client with our DocumentSmart solution and following initial consultation and requirements gathering, we set to work on implementing the system into their business and developing it to match their exact needs.

Our Project Management and Solution Development teams aided the client further by rationalising their current documentation and communication devices, and by devising a road-map for the successful migration of their documents over to the new system.

Our expert team also provided professional and user-centric training to enable both our client and their people to manage the complete solution internally.

Key Results & Benefits

The new centralised access to individual communication pieces dramatically increased our client's efficiency and internal productivity levels.

The solution's built-in Content Management System (CMS) has allowed for precise data synchronisation and a higher level of control by our client's team, whereby both the CMS and the built-in user permissions and approval processes have resulted in the improved accuracy of data input into their customer communications. It has also meant that from now-on, our client can keep their sensitive information in-house, which provides them with the reassurance that their data security measures are fully compliant with today’s regulations.

By implementing an add-on proofing system to the core DocumentSmart solution, our client has also gained the ability to provide final sign-off and approval of all campaigns before they are produced and mailed out to customers.

The solution vastly improved our client's communication effectiveness with faster, more frequent and more accurate communications. This resulted in both a higher quality of service for their clients and improved customer communications that encourage the appropriate response and which adhere to stringent regulation.

The tailored DocumentSmart solution and our add-on services in print and production, postage management and email delivery have been so successful over the past 6 months that our client is already starting to use the solution for many other business purposes. This is helping our client to both standardise and enhance their communication processes.

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