Integrating mail and email leads to improved speed to market and higher response rates


Our client, a leading animal welfare organisation, operates the UK's largest Lost & Found database of micro-chipped pets.

Animal welfare is at the heart of everything they do and they are committed to the wellbeing of all pets, owners and welfare partners (i.e. veterinarians and animal rescue centres) by providing the most cost-effective pet registration and re-homing service in the country.

In the UK today, the micro-chipping of pets and their registration features high on the political agenda but some people are still unaware of all its benefits and may consider it to be too expensive. Due to these concerns, our client provides a primary scheme to allow people to simply register their pets to receive a confirmation and certificate of registration. These communications can then be used to inform pet owners of the many benefits of their premium service and invite them to upgrade.

The Challenge

Our client's existing and 'traditional' method of sending out hard copy confirmation documents and certificates was slow, expensive and generated a generally low response.

As a result, the client asked MBA to develop a multichannel communication solution that would increase their speed of operation and reduce operational costs, whilst maintaining value.

Our Solution

MBA developed an automated system that triggers either the print or email of the customer's registration documents depending on whether a valid email address was supplied in the data file or not.

The system then sends out email campaigns at predefined times on a daily basis. This ensures that the communications are received by members at an appropriate time in the day and improve the project turnaround timelines by negating the need to carry out API development with their website's backend database.

The emails are designed in accordance with our email best practice. They are highly personalised and include multiple 'upgrade' links in key areas of the design, so to maximise click-through rates and successfully generate more account upgrades. By utilising our team's technical know-how, when customers 'click-through', we have also been able to pre-populate their website's landing page web-form with the customer's known details, which improves the customer experience and encourages a greater conversion.

As part of our solution, we utilise email software that records statistics for each and every email sent, and enables us to generate daily, weekly and monthly reports for our client. Working in consultation with the client, these reports provide both MBA and the client with a wealth of information, including:

  • Broadcasted email volumes and all delivery, open, bounce and click-through rates.
  • Click-through overlays to identify the most popular links and constantly monitor the performance of email designs.
  • Analytics to track the most popular open and response times, and constantly improve campaign performance.
  • Gone-away suppression data for the systematic record of bounce rates (soft and hard) and unsubscribers.

If the email is undeliverable after two attempts or the recipient unsubscribes from email communications, a reverse trigger is activated whereby they revert to the printed output data file and receive a traditional registration pack.

Key Results & Benefits

  • Our solution led to a reduction in hard copy prints that delivered significant stationery and postage cost savings
  • Our PostageSmart team also enabled our client to make optimal use of Mailsort discounts on all remaining packs, which delivered even further cost savings
  • The integration of email as a communication channel has provided our client with a greater speed to market. It has significantly reduced the delay between the date when the customer registers and when they receive their registration pack and the invitation to upgrade. This has proved highly important towards communicating with customers when they are engaged, which can be evidenced in the much improved response and conversion rates.
  • The regular reports provide the client with valuable customer behaviour data, which is now being used for future tactical marketing purposes

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Source: Offline in an online world: making mailwork, The DMA, 2015