Streamline office correspondence with a Hybrid Mail solution

Our client, a planning department of a London council is responsible for carrying out property development across the borough.
To successfully carry out all of their development plans and procedures, the planning department must deal with large amounts of hard copy communications throughout the year, from managing operations and supply chains to keeping local residents informed at all times.
Business Problem:
The council’s planning department was undergoing a period of restructuring when they identified an evident business problem – their case handlers, who need to constantly organise and respond to planning requests through their Uniform system, were spending a lot of time (and money) on the printing, enclosing and posting of all of their mail through manual processes.  
Coupled with the ‘peak and trough’ nature of planning applications throughout the year, our client was unable to access potential postage savings due to the inconsistent volume of output.
As a result, MBA were tasked with finding a way to merge and consolidate planning documentation, reduce overall postage costs and streamline the whole output process.
The Solution:
Although originally looking for a traditional outsourced print and mailing service, MBA advised that this would not be the most cost effective solution. In order to best navigate this challenge and to add real value to the planning department’s printed communications, MBA proposed its MailSmart solution.
MailSmart provides a hybrid mail capability that streamlines the print and postage process via a unique client branded web portal. With MailSmart, the planning department is able to manage their documents as normal, with users simply selecting MailSmart as their print option.
At the client’s request, MBA configured the MailSmart system to provide them with the ability to create and edit A4 planning notice templates directly within the system, as well as add particular inserts pertaining to the data they hold on certain documents.
As an additional add-on, MBA set-up the system to allow users to select a variety of preferred mailing options too, including 1st or 2nd class and 1st class recorded mail.
The MailSmart system is now providing the planning department with a ‘three-click’ process for all mailing output.
Once a user has submitted his/her mail piece in the system and a client-side manager has approved it (also within the system), all the files are sent to MBA via SSL data transfer.  MailSmart collates and merges the wide variety of documents from across the planning department, into a single file to be processed, printed and enclosed in one singular operation, ready for earliest possible dispatch.
A 2D barcode specific to each document is added during the production process that allows for the automated management of undelivered mail. Upon return, all undelivered mail is scanned, recorded and securely destroyed with all the mailing data delivered back to the client via the MailSmart web portal.  This data is accompanied by information detailing the reason for non-delivery and provides the ability to correct and resend if needed.
Results and Key Benefits:

  • Increased control of disparate letter types, allowing the planning department to manage output via a single portal
  • Time and money previously spent on manual printing and assembly is greatly reduced. Employees can now focus on core activities without worrying about administrative tasks.
  • Ability to track and monitor output, leading to increased auditability and integrity of their documentation and mailing activity
  • The MailSmart system has provided vast savings on postage costs circumnavigating the ‘peak and trough’ nature of the planning department’s yearly output
  • MailSmart’s success has meant that the council is now looking to roll out the product across other departments, leading to increased savings in future years

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