Transitioning to a SMARTer way of working


MBA’s client, a Wealth Management company, was introducing a new software system and decided to take the opportunity to migrate their print and mail work from their existing provider to MBA at the same time.
Our client was going through a period of significant change, they were undertaking a platform upgrade whilst simultaneously transferring ownership of their print provider. Having undergone a thorough and detailed tender process, MBA Group were selected as their preferred print provider.
At the time of transition, the client had limited resources available, as their project teams were largely focussed on the internal system changes being undertaken, and existing knowledge held by business users and the incumbent provider were no longer relevant to the new systems being installed. Our client required a solution that could manage the multiple files they generated and match them together to create a single customer document managed through a document composition tool.
One of the key reasons for MBAs selection as a preferred partner was due to the technology solutions on offer to support their program of change. The client was keen to adopt MBA’s desktop mail system, MailSmart, along with our online content management tool, DocumentSmart, both of which requiring delivery at transition go-live, to allow their call centre users access to send bespoke versions of existing letters out via MBA rather than through their own post room.The

Business Problem

The challenge presented to MBA was to migrate highly complicated Wealth Management statements, with limited supporting resource from our client, within significant time constraints, as MBA’s systems had to be ready for go-live before our client’s own system migration took place.

The Solution

MBA assigned a project team who worked very closely with a single Business Analyst employed by the client to:

  • Analyse existing documents against data sets from the legacy system to confirm current functionality
  • Build business rules that would support similar functionality from the client’s new system
  • Write detailed technical specifications that could be used by our client to manage the document suite moving forward
  • Identify use cases for MailSmart and DocumentSmart and design a single integrated system that met the client’s requirements

The team MBA created to support the transition included a Solution Architect and a number of developers who had direct experience of building similar documents for other Financial Services clients.

We were able to work in a highly consultative way with our clients appointed Business Analyst, suggesting solutions to the challenges that they faced and designing rules that met with their final requirements, rather than waiting for final specifications to be provided before starting to build documents.  Systems were built with testing in mind, meaning functionality could be checked and proven in stages, increasing confidence that the final delivery would meet our client’s acceptance criteria.

The MBA team also provided onsite training for the web-enabled DocumentSmart/MailSmart system in advance of go-live, and remained onsite to be able to provide immediate response to user queries at roll-out, ensuring there was no end customer impact through our system installation and this period of change.

Results & Key Benefits

MBA delivered the main transition within agreed timescales, and without requiring unplanned resource from any of our clients technical teams at an extremely busy time for them. The MBA project provided our client with a number of key benefits:
Less disruption
Our client’s technical teams were not required to provide significant support to the build of the new document solution, allowing them to focus on the business-critical delivery of their new processing platform instead.
Flexible systems
The introduction of DocumentSmart gave our client’s CRM teams the ability to create templated letters that automatically adhered to brand guidelines and that could be printed directly at MBA, saving them time and money and promoting a consistent customer experience.
Better relationships
MBA’s Project Team learnt more about our client’s processes and systems than would have been achieved in a traditional transition, meaning we could start to work on solutions to meet their wider business objectives as soon as the transition completed.
Easier management
MBA’s system build gave our client access to fully featured Management Information reporting through our portal, meaning they had complete visibility of what was happening with their customer mail at all times. In addition to this, MBA’s workflow fed back live information directly into our client’s system, providing them with true end-to-end reconciliation for their customer communications.
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