Vastly improving customer service through professional e-Billing solutions


Our client, a major water company in England for over two decades, manages and supplies safe drinking water to over 4.3 million customers in its region. As a company, they play a leading and pivotal role in protecting the biodiversity of water sources, with a special responsibility to both the health of people and the environment.

As a business they are committed to delivering a high quality water service to all of their customers through a well-developed clearing system and by providing of a range of specialist billing, account management and technical services to assist businesses in optimising their water usage.

The Business Problem

Due to the growing number of business customers and the associated service cost, our client's traditional communications had become ever-more time consuming and expensive to manage. In order to maintain their leading position within the industry, our client recognises how important it is to maintain and develop customer support levels and proactively improve their SIM (Service Improvement Measurement) scoring.

Inline with adopting modern communication techniques, our client wanted to embrace digital technology to help improve the service that they provide to their business customers. In particular they were looking for an online e-billing system that would:

  • Improve CRM (Customer Relationship Management) by providing B2B customers with online access to their bills
  • Improve UX (User Experience) by providing each individual B2B customer with collated billing information, irrespective of their operational size and amount of properties within the region
  • Improve their green credentials while maintaining important customer communication

The Solution

MBA Group utilised its ViewSmart solution to deliver a commercial e-billing system on behalf of the client. The system is a smart solution that systematically mimics their current print formats for electronic presentment, but it has also been set-up to interact with current and historic billing data to provide both their business customers and staff members with a dynamic view of all B2B billing information.

This has allowed our client to provide all types of business customers with unique views of their operational-wide billing. Whether a business utilises water services from a single site or multiple sites, the ViewSmart system collates all of the information for consolidated e-billing and provides the customer with an improved online brand/service experience.

Through detailed consultation with the client, MBA Group designed the special electronic "Consolidated Bill" formats, which merge the information via the business user's unique identification. This has enabled our client's central office to view all billing information and other important information such as comparative usage and usage/spend history. This unique view of information is also enabling our client to provide a better level of service when handling related enquiries and is even enabling them to provide proactive recommendations of how their business customers could optimise their water usage.

While an online service is appealing to many, it isn't always for everyone. As such, upon receipt of any given billing data, our ViewSmart solution identifies those that have opted in for either paper or paper-less bills, before splitting and merging the data as appropriate. Inline with multichannel values, this ensures that their business customers receive their bills via their preferred format - print, electronic or both. If the business customer has opted in for e-billing, MBA Group integrated trigger emails and SMS notifications as part of the delivery programme.

Key Results & Benefits

The ViewSmart system and its unique set-up has enabled our client to successfully:

  • Provide their business customers with online view and retrieval of their bills 24/7 365
  • Provide their business customers with a consolidated view of billing across multiple sites
  • Provide their business customers with other relevant information in relation to their billing and/or water service via the e-Presentment platform and/or central office enquiries
  • Streamline the payment process by having their website seamlessly connected to the ViewSmart system. The e-Presentment platform and electronic notifications (email/SMS) also reduced the time to market by 2 days per billing.
  • Track and confirm whether an online document has been received and accessed by the customer, and send automatic reminders to customers who haven't retrieved their online documents.
  • Produce detailed MI reports and proactively seek ways to reduce/recycle water consumption
  • Reduce carbon foot print and benefit from reduced production and delivery costs for printed billing

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