DocumentSmart will enable you to manage and control your business' content across multichannel output. It will enable your business to improve your customer documents and communications whilst ensuring their compliance, improving internal business processes, consolidating output, increasing your speed to market and reducing long-term costs.

Today, we are witnessing a continuing explosion of unstructured information. As organisations continue to develop their products and services, a forever increasing number of documents and communications are being created, edited, reviewed and approved all of the time.

Where does this leave the valuable 'content' that makes up your critical documents and communications? Is it centrally managed and compliant? Are there brand templates and relevant version/user controls in place? Or is it spread across multiple PCs, email clients, CDs, portable disc drives, network share files and legacy systems?

DocumentSmart is an enterprise Content & Composition management system that will enable you to manage organisation-wide content and variable document set-ups for highly personalised, highly variable and compliant communication through a self-service portal.

Importantly, the solution will enable you to mitigate risk and streamline production efficiencies across multichannel output. Through its key features and improved business processes it will empower your people whilst maintaining complete auditability and improving productivity levels to help decrease your time to market.

Our solution is extremely effective for High Volume Transactional Output (HVTO) such as customer billing, statements, transpromo and policies, as well as multichannel marketing - enabling you to conduct true 'one-to-one-to-millions' campaigns with ease.

No matter if it's a new or replacement installation, or an extension of an existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, we will provide you with the skills and expertise to meet your every need and requirement.


Mail included in multichannel campaigns drove market share growth with 3x the efficiency vs. non-mail advertisers

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, IPA Databank Meta-Analysis, Peter Field, 2013