ViewSmart is an e-Presentment solution that will provide you and your business with a complete view of all of your customer documents and communications, as well as enable you to improve CRM and differentiate your business from the competition with dynamic consumer portals.

Providing your customers with a consolidated view of transactions across multiple lines of business and over extended periods of time plays a pivotal role towards improving Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

In today's digital age, an e-Presentment service is now seen as more than just 'nice to have' and in many circumstances it is viewed as a business essential. The accurate and compliant e-Presentment of your customers' private and confidential information presents many challenges, but having the right system in place will empower your business to improve customer satisfaction levels and benefit from long-term operational cost savings.

Our ViewSmart solution is designed to provide your business with a secure and comprehensive archive and retrieval system that can be digitally accessed by your internal departments. This will provide your staff members with the ability to view all of the outbound documents and communications that have been sent to individual customers and enable them to handle customer enquiries with increased confidence and efficiency.

Through expert API development, the ViewSmart solution can also be connected to many other data sources, to provide your staff members with a more complete and informed view of the customer and further improve customer service levels.

Above and beyond its core functionality, we can also develop bespoke e-Presentment solutions that meet your specific requirements. Whether it's a secure online portal to provide a restricted view of customer information and documents to contracted third parties or a dynamic e-billing system to provide your customers with real-time access to their documents and enable them to self-manage their accounts, our experienced team will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to design creative, innovative and bespoke ViewSmart solutions for your business.

Nearly every marketer (98%) would welcome better content personalisation and 68% think image personalisation would be an enhancement.

Source: Mail Matters, The DMA, 2015