Today's customers increasingly expect your communications to be timely, relevant and received via a channel of their choosing. They expect their documents to be highly personalised and unique to them as individuals, as well as increasingly demand online access to their information.

Social media and other technologies are also augmenting the traditional channels of print, email and the Internet. However, while customers and businesses become more familiar with the improved engagement that these newer channels present them with, many challenges and concerns remain surrounding the accuracy and security of digital channels and the potential invasion of privacy.

Whilst trying to meet these impulsive customer expectations, your organisation maybe anxious by the need to work towards greater internal efficiencies as well as possibly restricted in the pursuit of your goals by disparate systems and legacy databases.

This is where our professional consultants can help. We will work with you and your organisation to not just determine the right technologies that will allow you to embrace varied and multichannel communication, but also to identify the simplest methods in which you can access them with your current systems.

Our consultants will work with you to help build your communication strategy and devise a roadmap that will enable you to achieve it. They will work with you and your organisation to consider all of the options, discover all the opportunities and identify all of the risks so that they can be mitigated accordingly.

9 out of 10 people (87%) have been influenced to make online purchases as a result of receiving direct mail.

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Mail and Digital Part 2, Quadrangle, 2014