Despite donor attrition having reportedly improved over the last year*, we understand that many concerns remain in the years ahead. From a communications perspective, we recognise that many of these concerns surround the continued and successful engagement of an aging supporter base and the need to captivate and involve younger audiences too.

We see these joint activities as being key in securing both current and future revenues that your organisation relies so much upon, but in order to achieve them, charities will need to explore many new fundraising options in 2015 and engage supporters via multiple channels. Exceptional campaign management will therefore be crucial; not only in making your traditional channels work harder but also in gaining a better understanding of your supporters and successfully engaging them at every possible touch point.

At MBA Group, we want to help you build tangible one-to-one relationships with your supporters and we will help you to achieve this through the delivery of many added value services.

We can work with you to understand your current and prospective supporters better, and help you to plan integrated campaigns that truly engage people and increase their propensity to support your cause.

We also acknowledge that it's your supporters' money that we are spending when campaigning and therefore we appreciate that your available budgets are tightly constrained. However, our commercially minded team will work with you to ensure that your communications are always produced, integrated and deployed as cost-effectively as possible.

By working with you from the earliest possible stage, we can help ensure that your direct mail creative is always inline with the most economical production techniques and achieve the maximum postal discounts. As your single source partner we will also constantly help you with data health checks, postage management, returns and response management and the fulfilment of your every need.

*14% fewer charities reported an increase in attrition [in 2014], PWC Research, Managing in the New Normal, 2014

of media pros use mail to drive consumers online

Source: Offline in an online world: making mailwork, The DMA, 2015