The credit and debt industries fulfil a pivotal role in the UK economy and have major implications for businesses and consumers alike. Today, treating customers fairly (TCF) is not only an essential regulatory requirement but many companies are quickly realising the commercial value attached to a more efficient operation and communication that adheres to core CRM values when communicating with prospects and debtors alike.

Whether it's the offer of affordable credit by a lender or prompt recovery of debts by a collector, we can help you to streamline and consolidate your communication output and ensure that all of your communications and documents are fully compliant.

By combining many of our services and solutions, we will ensure that your sensitive data is managed and handled securely, and that your communications are always delivered with a compliant message. At MBA, we can produce and deliver all of your critical 'call to action' communications and we will work with you to ensure that your important messages are delivered at the right time and via the most responsive channel, whether that's a letter, email or text message.

We have a lot of experience in this sector from working with global credit and collection organisations to deliver significant process improvements and cost efficiencies. As a business, we constantly review and deliver on your requirements, building long-term partnerships based on trust and integrity. We always seek ways in which we can improve your communications and business processes, and constantly look into ways to reduce your production, mailing and other delivery costs.

As part of our investment-led market offering, we have developed a self-service platform that will enable you to advance your communication strategies at the same time as improving business processes and reducing long-term operational costs. The platform has been designed as a suite of modular solutions that can either be implemented individually or integrated together to meet your exact needs and requirements. The platform and its technology solutions have also been designed to integrate seamlessly with your organisation and other business systems to enable you to:

9 out of 10 people (87%) have been influenced to make online purchases as a result of receiving direct mail.

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Mail and Digital Part 2, Quadrangle, 2014