Driven by consumer demand and a highly competitive market, we recognise that many financial service providers are increasingly moving towards digital channels to fulfil their marketing and CRM requirements.

Taking into consideration the apparent cost benefits that electronic channels provide and the modern diversification of digital media (i.e. social media, multi-media messaging and apps), why wouldn't you jump onboard in a meaningful attempt to economise and differentiate your business from the competition.

At MBA Group, we understand the need to embrace new technologies and communication methods as a key part of your business strategy as we have done this ourselves through our transformation from a mechanics-led printing company into a technology-led multichannel solutions provider.

However, we always raise an air of caution to high percentage digital strategies, especially with business critical documents and important customer communications as many concerns relating to digital channel's security and compliance still remain amongst communication professionals, regulators and customers themselves.

As multichannel marketing professionals, we also see that isolated digital channels generally achieve low response rates because customers often perceive them to be un-personable, un-engaging and a low value form of communication. Therefore, we believe that the secret to success lies within an omnichannel approach that is centred on individual customer preferences and which delivers both the quality and convenience that customers increasingly expect from integrated off and online communication.

Our professional consultants and technology experts can work with you to design intelligent and creative communication plans that meet both your business and customer requirements. We are experts in bringing disparate systems and legacy databases together, and will work with you to obtain better customer knowledge, achieve greater efficiencies and conduct more relevant and cost-effective communication across multichannel.


Mail included in multichannel campaigns drove market share growth with 3x the efficiency vs. non-mail advertisers

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, IPA Databank Meta-Analysis, Peter Field, 2013