We all know that having the relevant health assurances in place will protect us from the unexpected but many people are still unaware of the many proactive and preventative benefits that health assurance can provide for them and their families.

At MBA, we understand that your communications are imperative towards keeping people informed of the many benefits your healthcare plans provide, and we recognise that proactive customer communication forms an important part of the service. In an era where people are living busier and busier lives, ensuring that your communications are received at the right time, with the right information and via the customer's preferred channel is also highly important towards maintaining great customer relationships as it is in successfully acquiring new ones.

Our professional consultants are experts in helping our clients to formulate concise customer journeys and in designing highly targeted, personalised and relevant customer communications.

We also understand that the quality of your communications and campaigns can reflect the quality of your organisation and your services. Therefore, our team will work hard to ensure that whatever we do for you is always of the highest quality and provide you with reassurances you need to know that your communications are in the best of hands.

As a technology-led business, we can also provide you with a self-service platform that will enable your business to manage and control the content across all of your customer documents and communications, provide online view and retrieval of customer documentation for your customers and business operations alike, as well as empower you with sophisticated campaign management across multichannel deployment.

of media pros use mail to drive consumers online

Source: Offline in an online world: making mailwork, The DMA, 2015