Water utility companies undoubtedly make up an important part of our national infrastructure and provide a vital service to the population as consumers. Unlike other utility markets though, water suppliers within England and Wales currently operate as monopolies, which is considered by regulators to have led to:

  • Non-standardised billing
  • Customer dissatisfaction and service related issues
  • High costs in dealing with transactions (including increased call centre traffic)

However, with the deregulation of both the domestic and non-domestic markets across the UK in 2017, things are about to change and we can help you to plan ahead for the upcoming future.

According to the Water Bill, the deregulation of the water market will put customers back at the heart of the water sector, but we recognise that it will essentially open the doors to new and increased competition. This will expose your business to the risk of customer attrition, as well as importantly, provide you with the opportunity to acquire new customers.

To be successful in this new market, you will need to have the processes in place to both proactively retain customers with excellent CRM and acquire new customers through exceptional marketing. At MBA, we can help you achieve these goals by providing you with the right solutions and the right services for all of your customer communication needs.

We have a proven track record in the water utilities sector. We've not only assisted our clients in fulfilling all of their communication requirements and in helping them to improve their SIM scoring, we've also embarked on new initiatives with them through the delivery of document rationalisation and the introduction of e-Presentment systems with digital support services.

Our e-Presentment systems have enabled our clients to improve the way in which they communicate with both their domestic and non-domestic customers in the digital age. The systems have enabled their customers to have access to their billing and related documents in real-time, as well as being the conduit platform for access to much more information about their water systems, usage, spend and investment.

Nearly every marketer (98%) would welcome better content personalisation and 68% think image personalisation would be an enhancement.

Source: Mail Matters, The DMA, 2015