Latest Update: 03/2018
Data Set: 6th April 2016 to 5th April 2017


As of 4th April 2018, all employers in the UK with 250 or more employees must publicly report their gender pay gap, explain any differences that exist and outline what they are doing to address them.

This report reflects the gender pay gap within MBA Group Ltd (MBA) from April 2016 to April 2017. It measures the difference between the average earnings of all male and female employees, irrespective of their role, length of service or seniority.

MBA Gender Pay Gap

Our mean gender pay gap is 26%
Our median gender pay gap is 38%

At 26%, MBA’s mean gender pay gap is higher than the UK average of 19%.

Our gender pay gap is not an equal pay issue. We know that across our business, men and women are paid equally for fulfilling equivalent jobs and roles.  

Our relatively high gender pay gap is related to the fact that MBA operates in traditionally “male dominated” industries such as the Information Technology (IT) and Manufacturing.

MBA Employee Gender Balance

Total number of employees = 286
Total number of male employees = 211 (74%)
Total number of female employees = 75 (26%)

MBA Gender Bonus Gap

Our mean gender bonus gap is 42%
Our median gender bonus gap is 68%

Proportion of employees receiving a bonus

Men: 9%
Women: 3%

Our gender bonus gap is also driven by the fact we have more men than women across all areas of our business, but in particular, a much higher percentage of men in the most senior roles (86% vs 14%).

MBA Salary Quartiles

  No. of Women No. of Men % Female % Male
Upper quartile (high earners) 10 62 13.9% 86.1%
Upper middle quartile 12 59 16.9% 83.1%
Lower middle quartile 20 52 27.8% 72.2%
Lower quartile (low earners) 33 38 46.5% 53.5%


Fewer women than men occupy senior technical and specialist roles as a result of fewer women applying for these roles.

How will MBA improve its gender pay gap?

We know that it will take time to change the make-up of our workforce. We are committed to taking action to reduce our gender pay gap and we recognise that there is work for us to do. We will achieve this by focusing on the following areas:

Succession Planning

We are looking into ways in which a more even gender balance across senior roles can possibly be achieved as part of our business’ succession planning.


We are conscious that we operate across many “male dominated” industries and that the gender balance across the whole of our business is one of the main factors for our high gender pay gap. To counter this, we will proactively work to attract more women into our business through our apprenticeship schemes.

Learning and Development

All employees at MBA already have access to both internal and external training but we will do more to ensure that both academic and hands-on training courses feature more prominently as part of our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes.

We confirm that the data in this report is accurate.

Linda Bosch, Managing Director
Paul Biggs, Finance Director
28th March 2018