Transactional Comms

Making transactional comms, anything but

It might be a transaction, but it doesn’t have to be the whole deal.


The challenge

For many regulated organisations, breaking through the transactional nature of customer life cycles can be really challenging

On the one hand, business needs to be done – and done correctly. On the other, customers are increasingly expecting greater responsibility, security and engagement from their providers.


Our solution

Transforming delivery

Through strategic expertise, innovative technology and a people-centric approach, we transform your delivery so you can make every relationship an exchange of real value, delivering what your customers need and want.


Our solution Our solution

Transactions into interactions

We’ll help you figure out the best way to move your customer base to digital servicing, including how your services should be presented, and help you turn every transaction into an interaction.

Our solution Our solution

Our products & services

How our products can help…

A mixture of our people and our platforms help transform business processes to faster and smarter solutions for our clients

Design, share, route, approve, and track content

With our turnkey solution, designed to put you in control.

Give your servicing teams the tools they need to make decisions

Access data and handle customer enquiries faster.

Serving your every requirement

From creative campaigns to essential contacts.

Tools, tactics and tracking

Making it easier for you to create emails that drive real business results.

Real-time reporting, on demand

Reporting portal closes the gap between physical and digital output by enabling live tracking, data and insights on your campaigns.

Case study

Getting employees to engage and be empowered

With around seven out of ten employees not actively engaged in their workplace pension, Legal & General wanted to create something that motivated and empowered people to plan for their retirement.

Something that brought the distant future to life in the present moment.

That was their challenge. Ours was to simplify and demystify a complex financial product.

The solution? A personalised video pension benefit statement for every L&G employee.

Each unique video communicated employees’ pension data in an easy-to-understand format, supported by personalised text, audio, scenes and subtitles for optimum accessibility. We also built in the ability to recalculate based on contributions and retirement age so employees could see how a small change could impact their overall retirement fund.

11% of recipients clicked through to a landing page of their choosing from the video – this is a 307% uplift on the industry average

88.5% of viewers were engaged for the first 80 seconds of the video (therefore obtaining all of their key pension data)

109% of videos were loaded (meaning some viewed their video pension statement more than once)

95.5% of those videos loaded were played

96% of those videos were ended.

“At the Legal & General Group we are thrilled to be able to lead innovation in the pensions communications sector. We feel that these interactive pension video statements were optimally designed with our members’ requirements at the very forefront. This campaign not only drove members’ engagement with their pension pots, but made retirement planning both convenient and accessible through interactivity“

Head of DC Client Communications
L&G Workplace

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